Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Sale!

I made my first sale on Etsy. I can't believe it. I was journaling that morning that I had my doubts and my fears that it just wouldn't happen for me. I prepared myself to acknowledge that I may never sell an item. I had to be okay with that because this whole idea was supposed to be about creating and the process. It's about fulfilling and expanding the creativity within me. But there was and still is a small part of me that yearns to receive recognition. Recognition that my products are valuable and wanted.

I struggle internally with checking myself and making sure my need for praise is not boastful or prideful. I know first and foremost I should only care what my creator thinks about me. I should seek His opinion before man's. And yet I know God puts desires in my heart and I truly want to follow Him. So as I second guess whether a desire is of God or man made, I remember to keep my ears and heart open and listen. Then I will hear the answer.

I believe the purchase of two flower hair clips was God answering me.

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