Monday, August 9, 2010

Bad Summer Sewer

I am a bad summer sewer. It's just not in me to defeat the heat and overcome the humidity. Instead I have become a human processing machine for our garden's bounty. I've processed zucchini like it's my job, well maybe it is my job...that's just depressing.

The tomatoes are starting to ripen. They taste so sweet! I am nervous for the full crop. I've been blessed with everything I need to can this year. So I've promised myself I will can tomatoes, pickles and relish. Oh boy. I can do this, I'm just not sure I know that!

But I didn't sign on today just to tell you about my garden and how sick I am of it. I wanted to let you all know that yes, I did indeed sit down at my sewing machine yesterday! And it felt good. I just made a couple seams and voila - I upholstered a toddler bed my husband made for our daughter. Alsmost a year ago I found this wonderful tutorial at Design*Sponge, courtesy of Design Mom. I am very thankful for a handy (and handsome) husband who can help me bring these projects to fruition.

We are now on day 2 of using said toddler bed. My daughter is sleeping the hallway. Oh boy. Wish me luck...

ps - I would show you pictures of this fantastic trip back into the land of sewing, but alas, our camera is broken. I'll drown my sorrows in zucchini bread.


  1. Good luck getting your toddler to use the bed. I know how difficult it can be!

    I love zucchini bread. But only if it has icing on it (lemon flavored). Yum.


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