Monday, July 26, 2010

Mommy Mondays

Daughter woke up cold (and therefore early)
Cuddle in bed for 5 more minutes of sleep
Wake up starving (nothing new)
Eat oatmeal
Convince Daughter to come downstairs and eat
Say goodbye to Daddy
Read same book 3 times
Trick Daughter into brushing her teeth
Daughter pretends to take nap on floor and refuses to leave the upstairs again
Hang up laundry to dry
Convince Daughter to come downstairs for a snack
Cook goop (anything goes) with Daughter
Make crackers (I'm crazy, I know)
Cook chickpeas for hummus
Watch Sesame Street
Play soccer outside (we're both still in our pajamas at this point and proud of it)
Change out of my pajamas because it's getting hot outside, not because I'm respectable
Take down dry laundry
Play in kiddie pool
(therefore convincing Daughter to take off pajamas and the coat she has acquired,
hence staving off heat stroke)
Convince Daughter to take a nap
Waste 2 hours making a budget
Run upstairs to retreive a screaming Daughter
Make hummus
Start chicken soup for dinner (while feeding multiple snacks to Daughter)
Go for a walk
Play soccer outside
Ride tricycle
Paint driveway with cornstarch paint
Read more books
Wander and run down hills
Celebrate the arrival of Daddy
Eat dinner
Go to work meeting
Sneak in an ice cream cone
Put my Daughter to bed

night night


  1. Funny how, when I'm in this kind of day you describe, a typical day at home with kids, it can feel so tedious. Yet reading yours, it sounds perfect, and beautiful. And I'm wondering how that hummus tasted. I am always too spontaneous to cook my own chick peas but know it is always better that way.

  2. P.S. Tried to become a "follower" just now and was rejected by the cyberspace bouncer. He's mean. Said my requested URL was too long??? I've never been so insulted in my life. :)

  3. I wrote down the going ons of the day so I could document to myself that I am actually busy. I get to the end of the day and feel like I did nothing.

    I am quite new at this blog world, so I know there are problems, but have no idea how to fix them!!! I'd be insulted too! =)


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