Saturday, March 17, 2012

Scraps Galore

I made queen sized quilt for my sister last summer.

I may have a bad habit of over estimating how much fabric I need for projects. But that's okay because it keeps me knee deep in even more projects for way too long.

At first I made two table runners and a baby blanket with the left overs.

Then I STILL had all this left over.

So I even tried making an apron. But I still had scraps left over that I couldn't bear to throw away. And I just did not feel like making potholders. So.....

I caved into my ultimatum of "I never want to make clothes" and I made the most absolutely stinking adorable skirt ever. It doesn't hurt that the model was over the moon about it too!

So every last scrap went into a second skirt that's even lined this time. I am officially out of scraps from the original quilt and we are a very happy family indeed!

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