Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bye Bye Blue

Well I'm finally done with the blue blocks! Are you getting sick of going through this rainbow phase with me? Because I'm starting to get sick of it. Just purple left in order to make the quilts and placemats. But I must confess I have a pile of pink scraps and white base blocks already waiting to go.

Until then please enjoy the following from last night...

 This little bugger was hanging out on the grill when I went to put the salmon on. I do not handles surprises very well and therefore displayed little to no grace in the situation. He was finally convinced to hop down onto the deck, but he stayed close by the entire time.

Meanwhile my daughter was putting her face up in his business. I tried to convince her that he was probably very scared (especially after the ear wrenching scream from me) and just wanted to be alone. We went online and looked up types of frogs in an educational moment. I think he's a Gray Treefrog. She woke up talking about him, but sadly (happily) he was gone, off finding something else to suction his little toes to.

And just so you don't think I've given up on sewing completely...

Here is a fun party banner I put together yesterday. I needed something besides crazy blocks to sew and these triangles have been patiently waiting around for their turn. Fun, fast, easy. Just what I needed. Ahhhhhhh......


  1. My mom is a MAJOR quilter, and a couple of years ago she did a quilt made entirely up of blue blocks. She does it with three of her sister in laws (sisters in law?) so they each make four of the same square and then mail them to each other. I like your blue blocks!


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