Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Can't Believe I Finished!

Well this blog was started with the intent of posting sewing projects. So lets back up from mommy world for a moment, and take a gander at the latest finished project in my house.

This queen sized quilt is a graduation present for my youngest sister. I hope she enjoys it (and keeps it out of the dryer...hint...hint). I just can't believe I was able to start and finish such a large project with two kids in the house in just a couple months (to be fair I did the majority of the sewing on the days my mother in law was able to take one or both kids for the day).

I cut a lot of fabric for this quilt. A lot. So much that I had enough fabric to make a baby blanket, two table runners - all three are now assembled and pinned, waiting for a moment of sewing to finish them. I really need to get better at estimating my fabric needs.

There's probably another small project or two in the scrap pile on the stairs, but I'm starting to get sick of these fabrics and color scheme. Until recently the extra scraps were living in my preschooler's tonka truck, but they've been hidden (in the plastic bag) so I can stop picking them up off the floor every night!

Next on my wish list of projects includes some doilies. Yummy!

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