Monday, July 4, 2011

Mommy Monday

I've been thinking about the value of a day. I read alot on Ashley's blog - Under the Sycamore - about how she wants to live intentionally. I guess I've had to read her vision of what that means several hundred times for it to sink in for me, because I'm starting to get it.

When I spent a recent day building a train set for a preschooler and staring into the eyes of newborn I found myself asking what the value of this day was. And immediately I knew that the value was just in me being there, participating in their lives. It may feel like I measure my days by the loads of laundry and sink full of dishes I am able to complete, but just because I'm doing "nothing" doesn't mean it's not worth anything.


  1. I want this to sink in for me too Sarah, thanks for sharing and reminding.

  2. You are beautiful, gorgeous really. I admire your choice to devote to your children and household. You have the most perfect, and adorable kids I've seen in a while... unless I'm missing something HUGE out of the picture, you have every reason to be tremendously happy :)

  3. Just came across your blog & this post resonated with me. I'm a SAHM too and often wonder about the value of what I've achieved for the day. But I wish I could just see it for what it is - the incredibly important job of looking after my family. I think a lot of my questioning comes both from societies attitudes (I've had plenty of negative comments from people in the last few years) but also my comparisons of my old working life to now. If you are making train tracks and staring into the eyes of your baby you are really engaging with them, so in my opinion you are doing a fantastic job x


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