Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Face

I've been slacking off. Maybe I'm just not a summer time sewer. The heat has been motivating me to sit in front of a fan and fall asleep. Of course I chose the hottest night this week to sit down and finally sew all the green scraps into crazy blocks. And of course when I had 2 blocks left to do I reached for some green fabric and found there was none to be had. I had run out! So today I am off to Patchwork Passion to pick through their scrap pile and pick out some orange fat quarters in hopes of completing this rainbow soon enough.

In the mean time I wanted to show you something that makes me smile..every..single...time...I drive to work.

Can you see the face?

How about now?

There are three doors on this church. each one is identical to this. Every time I drive past them I smile. Does a smile a day keep the doctor away?

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