Saturday, May 22, 2010


I'll be honest, my green crazy blocks haven't made any progress. Unless you count moving the green scraps from my bedroom down to my sewing table. They've been sitting there for several days, waiting for me to sit and be patient with them. You see, I've been busy watching love instead.

My husband and I recently attended a wedding that really highlighted something for me. I know, we all expect to see love at a wedding. Everyone watches the bride walk down the aisle, her eyes transfixed on the groom, and he on her. Everyone gets a little weepy when witnessing such a proclamation, or at least I do. But when I was sitting in that pew watching two young lovers share their first kiss I was overwhelmed by their thoughtful and determined actions for each other. As they kissed I knew that if love could take a physical form, it would be this moment, right here, right now. Lovely, beautiful, magical...those are all adjectives I could use, but they feel small compared to what I witnessed. I don't even know if "overwhelming love" could do it justice. But it turned my heart all the same and I am thankful for that.

ps - dearest husband, when you read this, know that the one thing in my life I will always be sure of is marrying you.

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