Thursday, March 3, 2011

Does the To Do Pile Multiply at Night?

How is it that my to do pile continues to grow? And how does it continue to grow at a faster rate than my "done" pile? Oh right, I keep going back into my bin of fabric and pulling out all the projects I want to do. When will my brain realize I have a baby coming in +/- three weeks?

quilted canvas
black and white tree quilt (white binding is awesome - really makes the quilt pop!)


pillow covers for whirlwind from the scraps of her quilt (one down, two to go)

cloth wipes for baby # 2
baby blanket for baby # 2

(obviously the priority is the cloth wipes!)

Wish me luck this weekend. These projects need to get out of the way in order for the true nesting to take place.
(i.e. cleaning the base boards! are pregnant women considered psychologically insane?)

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