Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tah Dah!

Here it is, Whirlwind and baby # 2's room!

This is the growth chart I made them. It's what you see as you enter the room. I still have to write Whirlwind's past measurements on it.

And then this is Whirlwind's toddler bed (hand built by handsome husband himself). Quilt and pillows are supplied by moi!

To the left is the crib.

To the right is the closet turned dresser area. This is the least visually appealing part of the room for me, but we had to do it to make room for the toddler bed and crib. I would love a house with another bedroom, but for now this will do. And it will do just fine! I am on the hunt for cheap/free organizational boxes, but for now stacking and diaper boxes are the modes of choice. Such is a budget.

I am particularly proud of the pillows/pillow covers I made for Whirlwind. I used the scraps from her quilt. All I can say is: cute.

I wanted some new prints for the room, but with a limited income I didn't want to spend $$$. Microsoft Publisher and to the rescue!!!! I made this myself and actually ended up using a default font on Microsoft instead of one of the twenty I downloaded from All it cost was the price of matting at our local frame shop.

I made this banner for Whirlwind for her first birthday. It's been in her room ever since. If baby # 2 ends up being a boy, well he's just going to have to get use to a little pink. =)

The fabulous green walls are also courtesy of handsome husband.

I can't believe there is going to be a little baby in here soon. Swoon.

And it's little butt is going to be in these. I do not look forward to diapers again.


  1. O it looks so nice! and so clean, its missing the piles of toddler toys they must be lurking in other parks of the house =) I love the growth chart, super cute!

  2. I took these pictures while the said toddler was downstairs. So I had 5 minutes to sweep her toys into the boxes and take pictures. Trust me, it doesn't look like this ever!


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