Monday, March 21, 2011

Tip Week - Tip # 1

So apparently March is National Sewing Month - or at least according to an article by a local quilt shop in the pennysaver.

So in honor of that I'm going to post a sewing tip each day this week. Don't hold your breath for anything magical. I just want to impart some of the first "aha" moments I had when I started sewing.

The very first tip I learned when starting out on this sewing adventure was ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS and ACCURATE CUTTING!!!! It doesn't get any better than starting with the basics. Of course my equipment was limited to sissors and my living room floor (and a general eyeballing technique), but eventually I acquired a cutting mat, straight ruler and rotary blade that greatly aided the entire process. The right tools helped me achieve this accuracy. Maybe this tip should be about the right tools? 

But remember, from the first cut you make to the last, keep accurate measurements.
Square up your blocks as you go and keep checking along the way.
Press down hard on the ruler and focus on a steady hand. Nothing brings a long and tired night to an end faster than letting the rotary blade slip every so slightly off course and ruining a piece of fabric.
Measure twice, cut once
(that one's curtesy of handsome husband)

 Stay tuned for tip # 2 tomorrow!

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