Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love you

My daughter and I were lying in the "big bed" (mommy and daddy's bed) before getting ready to go to sleep for the night. She rolled over to face me and completely-unprompted-repeatedly said I love you, I love you, I love you... right to me in her little toddler voice. I pray I never forget this moment.

In honor of all that I love, I thought I'd tell you what I'm loving right now...

1. When my husband goes out for the night so I can sew without feeling guilty that he can't hear the television.

2. When the moon rises so late in the evening that moon beams are still streaming into my house when I wake up at 6 AM.

3. Feeling grateful for all that I have.

4. Knitted socks from my mother.

5. Taking risks, even tiny ones.

6. Learning to love the process of creating, not always the outcome.

7. Realizing what needs to change in my life in order to have a happier and more complete life.

8. Gold Bond hand lotion - winter and hand washing don't do my skin any favors!

9. The color pink.

10. Rocking with my daughter before we put her to bed.

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