Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's for the birds!

Valentine's day is around the corner and that means I get to pull out my paper and glue and get crafting! I love that there is such a warm and "hearty" event in the middle of winter to give me an excuse to craft and decorate! Now if I could just incorporate my two year old and crafting. Well, I kind of did this past weekend, but I did a lot of the "heavy lifting" (or prep work) during her nap.

All of my paper crafting supplies reside in a plastic bin in the basement. It cries out to me each time I pass it with a load of laundry, but this weekend we were reunited. I've been coveting my daughter's finger paintings and decided to use them for a Valentine Day craft.

I cut a heart from cardstock and traced it on to the back of the finger painting, then I cut, cut and cut some more.

I took some more cardstock and cut out some basic cards and then I glued, glued and glued some more. The Joy of Cooking was used to press the cards while the glue dried. Good old Joy of Cooking! I promise I use it for cooking too.

Once the cards were set I had some left over hearts and a toddler awake from her nap. I glanced at some pipe cleaners I had laying around and the birds at the bird feeder and just came up with these little diddies. I think they're cute and I promise they're not as Alfred Hitchcock scary as they look in the photo. My daughter spent the rest of the afternoon making her bird to "eat" the paper scraps I had lying around. It was a cute, fun, creative and love filled day!

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