Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quilted Color Baby Book.

The January thaw did a number on the snow up here in Northern New York. Then some cold winds blew all that rain into ice. So this past weekend, the last weekend of January was spent indoors, instead of our family's typical outdoor skiing adventures. I have to admit, I enjoyed it! I spent a couple nights in front of the sewing machine and finally started a project that has long been living in my head and begging to get out. A quilted color baby book. I first saw it on the James Family Blog and she had used a tutorial from Homegrown Happy and Stitch/Craft. I hope I back linked enough! As I finish it up I'll let you know how the actual binding and putting the pages together goes.

I hope my daughter enjoys it, when I actually finish it that is. In the mean time it lifts such a burden off of me just to get it started. It fills me with hope to see a new project laying around the house. Soon enough that hope will change to frustration as I continue to step around it and clean around it until I finally finish it and pack up the scraps. Until then I will enjoy the freshness of the hope while it's still here.


  1. That's great that you are making one too! I love the one I made. I know what you mean about having a new project--I've become addicted to projects lately.

  2. Thanks for posting Tori! I'll be sure to add photos when it's finished =)


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