Friday, March 19, 2010

Binding Tutorial

I have learned many things over the years to make each quilt better. And each thing I have learned has also lessened the frustration I feel over mistakes that gather and grow in the process of each quilt.

I have learned to wash and iron fabric before I sew.
I have learned how to measure and cut correctly. A straight line goes a long way.
I have learned how to keep a consistant 1/4 inch seam.
I have how to press a seam.
I have learned how to baste a quilt.

But my aha moment, when the light of God shown down on me, well it felt that way at least, was when I found this. This tutorial on binding was sent straight from an angel in heaven and her name was Crazy Mom Quilts. The binding of the quilt, the ultimate finish to a quilt, was finally an easy and beautiful process for me. I know it sounds like I'm fawning over nothing, but this was and still is very big for me. It really helped me take my quilts to the next level and I will always remember that.


  1. Binding has always been my least favorite part of quilting. I am at that step now on a small project, and while this time it has gone a little smoother, the tutorial you shared will definitely help!

  2. It took a leap of faith for me to trust the tutorial when I got to the corners, but I cannot praise the mitered corners I have now enough!


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