Monday, March 22, 2010

Remembering Who I Am

There were many tasks listed in "The Artist's Way" that I did do, and many more I didn't. One of the best ones I did was to make a quick and dirty collage. I went to the break room (during a break of course!) and found a travel magazine, science magazine and even a few smutty, gossipy magazines for good measure. I sat down at my desk and just ripped out whatever caught my eye. This was the end result.

It surprises me, every time I look at it, how accurately it reflects me. Sometimes when you just go and don't stop to think, analyze or judge, the truth comes out.
This collage holds a place of honor on my wall at work. I can look up from my keyboard and soak in the things that I love. Babies, my baby, my husband, working with my hands, white, cultivating, growing, plants, blues, small bits of surprise color, flashes of red, and above all else...walking on this earth as a princess, a woman of God, His child, His beloved.

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  1. nice! I actually got to see this lovely artwork in person! We ran into Aaron on the street and he showed us the new office. what I think we need next are some photos of those green chairs - man are they green!! :)


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