Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fabric Stash Replenished

Well I finally went shopping. Patchwork Passions has a Fat Friday sale. Every Friday you can get 1 Fat Quarter free for every 3 you buy. I may or may have not gone over board. Didn't I tell myself this winter that I would try my hardest to not buy any new fabric? That I would instead whittle away at my current large overflowing stash of fabric? Oh well, my hardest wasn't enough to stop me.

I pawed through the basket of scraps and found enough green to finish my green blocks. 
UPDATE - they are now done!
There were some other scraps in there that I snagged for future projects. 
They were too pretty to leave behind and one sandwich bag full of scraps is only $2!
Who can resist? Seriously, who? Because I would like to meet you and shake your hand.

I also purchased my first supply of orange. I can't decide whether I want to eat these colors or bask in their summer time glow. Either way they'll help me start and finish the orange blocks for my future crazy rainbow quilt.

This is where I went overboard.
I don't need these fabrics.
I couldn't leave the store without them.
Besides, I needed fat quarters in divisions of 4 so I could take advantage of the sale.

The urge to make these into a baby blanket makes my womb ache.
Do you see that shadow falling over them in the picture?
That is my toddler, constantly underfoot and searching for destruction. That makes my head ache. 

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