Monday, February 28, 2011

Nesting = Sewing

I can't stop sewing. I would say it's an addiction, one I'm not likely to seek help for, but from previous experience I can feel the nesting hormones kicking in. I'm just using a needle and thread this time instead of a vacuum cleaner, mop and rag. Did I ever mention that I went around cleaning the baseboard in my entire house last time I was pregnant? No? It's certainly something my mother will never forget to remind me about.

Well the binding is on the black and white tree quilt. I just have to hand sew it onto the back.

And the custom order for a quilt/art piece is done!!!!!

I had originally planned on quilting large gold thread circles on the top, but after just one the fabric became bunched and wouldn't lie flat. So this design will have to do. With my limited resources and tools (i.e. no quilting frame or fancy long arm sewing machine) there are just some things I can't do. At least not for now. But I still like the outcome a lot. I hope the customer does too!
And I fit in one more sewing project into the weekend. I actually got around to some of the personal sewing projects I've had on my mind. More about those tomorrow!


  1. If you're interested, I have an embroidery frame thing - it's not as big as a quilt frame of course but much bigger than a hoop. I bought it for one project and haven't used it since. Would love for it to go to a good home where it's wanted!

  2. Attention...Attention...Attention...
    The customer loves it! Yippee!

    Thanks Morgan for the offer and the compliment! I'll take a look at your embroidery frame next time we have a playdate.


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