Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mending is Creative?

While I was sewing away Monday night on the growth chart I kept looking over at my mending pile. I had a cheap diaper bag (one of those freebies the doctor's office fills with samples of formula and gives to every expectant mother) with a side seam coming undone, an open seam on the baby blanket I made my toddler oh.... 3 years ago, and ripped seams along the edges of my two braided rugs. Why do they always come undone at the edges of the long part of the oval? Weird.

I have to admit, those rugs have needed mending for at least a year. I kept telling myself I'd sit down and do it someday, but they were oh so easy to skip over. I can not believe I sat down last night and actually mended everything!!! I read once in The Artist's Way that mending was one way to open yourself up to creativity. Weird, I know. But I can't stop thinking of all these other projects to do now. Once the mending pile was out of the way, my creative to do list can't stop growing. I love it!


  1. I needed to hear this! I keep hiding my mending under new fabric...

  2. it's so easy to put the new stuff on top of the pile! =)

  3. Cleaning up the mending pile (or the ironing pile) always feels so virtuous...like looking at a just-cleaned house but better :)


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