Monday, November 29, 2010

Tackling the World of Purses

Well I finally bit the bullet and bought some interfacing at JoAnn's. Days later I finally took the interfacing out of my car and brought it inside. Yet several more days later I finally used it! My daughter had this skirt passed down to her and it never fit right. It fell right off her flat bottom and down around her knees. The elastic in the waist was shot and instead of fix it for her, I thought it'd make a much nicer purse.

Isn't it cute?

I think so.
 Just look at that rear pocket with the button!

And with the interfacing and flat bottom it can actually stand up on it's own.

Now on to documenting the major pains in the butt I experienced:
I made this up as I went along. The 2nd purse I did followed a little more of a pattern, but still caused me to sew things on backwards at least twice!!!
Repurposing clothing into other objects is less than ideal compared to cutting from a single piece of cloth. Pre-existing hems, seams and liners are a pain.

I'm getting better at zippers, but we are still not bosom buddies.
Note the less than perfect finish to the zipper on one end.

But hey, I'm doing it! One purse at a time.


  1. Love the fabric and the simplicity of the construction...repurposing materials is definitely harder. Good for you for perservering!

  2. one purse at a time, that's my mantra! =)


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