Friday, September 10, 2010

Big Red Red Red Bag

Well what do you think? Is it red enough? I really have a horrible time photographing red, but to be fair, this is a truly red red red bag. But what do you think about turning some of the rainbow blocks into bags? A block on each side.

Would you rather see a set of rainbow placemats? Or a rainbow quilt? A rainbow table runner? Help me out here. What does the masses (seven people who read this blog) want to see? No one is exempt from commenting. I need opinions and I need them now!!! Boy, I am just asking for trouble with this one.

Until then I'll finish this red bag. I found this old pillowcase at a garage sale. It has found a new life as the bag liner. And I think I finally found a way to make the bag truly reversible. This will be my 5th bag. Each one gets a little better. Just ask my sisters and sister in law (my guinea pigs - thanks by the way).


  1. I LOVE the bag! I think it is beautiful, and that your rainbow blocks would make wonderful bags. But, I think maybe a wall hanging should be made with some of the blocks as I think they are truly gorgeous and should be put together to showcase them as a full collection.

  2. Hey Sarah I absolutely love your creations!

    I have a request for you ;) I have been looking for a quilted table cloth for months now and nothing seems to beat the designs you put together.

    Would you be interested in making something that will add some life to my kitchen?!

  3. CBrownDownTown - of course! We'll talk details soon.


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