Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mommy Monday

This felt like a doozy of a Mommy Monday. Remind me to write about a mundane day so you don't think I try too hard.

Enjoy the blessing of waking up before my daughter by eating breakfast in silence and calm
Hear the sound of babble from upstairs
Listen to daughter tell husband to go away
Go upstairs to fetch daughter
Lose my temper trying to dress her
Stomp downstairs and listen to husband wrestle her clothes on
Finally get daughter downstairs to say goodbye to husband
Feed her breakfast
Bribe convince daughter to go to grocery store
Actually find everything I need and get away with a small bill
Return home to bribe watch Sesame Street
Peel and core 18 apples to make apple sauce
Feed daughter a snack
Draw with markers
Convince her it's nap time
Read a nap time book and go downstairs to finish apple sauce
Start canning apple sauce
Hear the sound of babble from upstairs
Go upstairs and sing a song to convince daughter to sleep (IT WORKS!!!)
Start boiling apple peelings and cores for apple jelly
Finish canning apple sauce - Start to boil apple juice into jelly
Juice boils over (twice) and burns sugar water all over my stove top
Two out of four burners are now out of commission - lengthening the time to can the jelly
2 hours later hear the sound of babble from upstairs - still trying to scrap burned sugar water off of stove
Cuddle in mommy and daddy's bed with her multitude of stuffed animals
Keep sneaking away to clean up the kitchen
Convince daughter to come outside and clean the inside of my car
Give her the umbrella to entertain her for 20 minutes (I love that thing!)
Clean car - even remove coffee stains (husband and sister are no longer allowed to drink coffee in my car)
Listen to intense storm pass right by as I we play in the stroller in the driveway
Make daughter go inside because storm sounds so imminent
More snacks
Do a load of laundry
Call daddy to ask him to bring home a razor blade thingy to save the stove
Daddy walks in the door
Daughter freaks out - Mommy loses her temper again (what a way to start and end the day!)
Watch daddy load up trees he cut down yesterday and move them to the garden
(he's making raised beds for me!!!)
Hang up laundry to dry
Make dinner on the grill because the stove is out out out
Feed everyone
Read a million (okay - more like 6 or 7 - still)
Convince daughter to take a bath
Chase her until she's naked and stick her in the tub
Lose my temper putting her pajamas on
Make daddy take over bed time stories and cuddling
Toastmaster phone call for running Youth Leadership Program next week (~nervous~)
Get laundry off the line and into the dryer after reading a chance of rain overnight
Refuse to make bread for tomorrow's lunch
Watch half a movie - fall asleep on the couch

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