Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Item in the Shop

Not only did I finish the red bag, but I finally got decent photos of it, uploaded the photos to the computer, editted said photos and listed it all on Etsy. Yeah! I feel tired just typing that all out. But at least I have a finished product after all of that work on the rainbow project. Remind me not to look at the pile of other rainbow quilt blocks sitting on my sewing table. I need a break.



  1. That is too cute. Makes me want to sew. I am a HUGE thrifter and find/sell the cutest vintage stuff on Ebay. I have tons of ideas of how to turn retro wash cloths into something different, but simply don't have the mechanics. I know... a class... it's that easy!

    Anyway, found you through Betsy Shaw who I used to write with at Momfo.


  2. Thanks for stopping over Andrea! I used to read your posts on momformation.

    I would love to find more time to peruse the thrift stores. A day job and toddler get in the way. But somehow I do find the time to sew 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there. I'm mostly self taught on the sewing machine, with tips from my mom and grandmother. I took one class at a local crafts store once and it helped me leaps and bounds! Just one night! I really need to take another. You can never stop learning and there's so much more I could start doing.


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