Sunday, September 26, 2010

Loving my Sewing Machine

So I mentioned making a date with my sewing machine and a vacuum earlier. I also mentioned I'd explain that a little bit better. Maybe some of you are already well aware of this trick, maybe some are not. But I saw on the internet once (God Bless the internet) a little trick to help speed up cleaning the lint out of your sewing machine. It was a long time ago, otherwise I'd try and find the link to the original site.

But moving on...Obviously all that friction with cloth and thread starts to build up some lint in the crevices of a sewing machine. Especially down in the bobbin casing area. It's recommended that after each well sized project you clean out all that lint and lubricate all the vital parts of the sewing machine. It's been...well it's been many well sized projects since I gave my sewing machine a good clean out and rub down. She deserves better.

So the trick is to take the end of your vacuum (with no attachment), some masking tape and a straw.

Use the masking tape to adhere the straw to the end of the vacuum cleaner hose and keep suction. Then bend that plastic sucker into all the nooks and crannies you can. Afterwards I put the soft brush attachment on and go over the whole exterior of the sewing machine.

I then read my sewing machine guide book like it's the bible and put machine oil in all the right parts. I keep a rag on hand to wipe away any excess oil.

There you have it. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll have something more exciting and photo worthy for your viewing next time!

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