Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Magic Cape No One Wanted

A friend gave me a bag full of shiny fabric awhile ago. Scraps left over from making some worship flags for church. I hung on to them even though I prefer working with cotton, because you never know. Having a 2 year old makes me hang on to gems like that just in case it comes in handy.

Well I finally thought to make the scraps into a cape for my little toddler. She loves to play with her box of dress up, so it seemed like a perfect fit. I typed "diy kids cape" into the search bar and found Puking Pastilles free tutorial. Not bad, looked easy to me. I glanced over the pictures and stored the information in my hole riddled brain.

A few weeks later I finally pulled the fabric out (still in the grocery store bag it came in none the less) and pulled from my swiss cheese mommy brain what I remembered from the tutorial. It seemed easy. I cut. I batted away little fingers. I cut some more. I tried not to yell at the toddler jumping on the bed, screaming for my attention (did I mention I was trying to cut the fabric on said bed?). I sewed. I tended to the toddler's demands. I finished sewing. It was a wee bit "rough" looking, but who cares, it's going on a toddler.
I try to put it on the toddler.
She refuses to wear it.

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