Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Calling Anyone Who's Ever Owned A Purse...

I don't own purses.

Okay, scratch that. I own two purses and both are in my daughter's dress up box right now. She puts them over both her shoulders and pretends to be me and go to work. Then she comes "home" and gives me a kiss. I love her.
Side note over.

To clarify I do not USE purses. I have all these rainbow blocks and one set is begging to be turned into purses, or maybe the right term is a clutch? But what do you as the consumer and daily purse user like in a purse? Do you want a wrist strap or a shoulder strap? Zippers or snaps? Interior pockets? With a bottom so it stands up? Stiff with some structure or floppy? I'm lost.
Help a girl out and leave a comment.


  1. I'm finding that people are liking small, with pockets. Totes where they can put a tablet of paper (8.5" x 11") are selling too. Pockets are a must. Wristlets are big with college people, big enough for college ID, some money, credit cards, and a coin pocket.

  2. I don't use purses, myself. But I do have a friend who has a blog who is doing a challenge with purses right now, and having people vote on which one they like the best. It might give you an idea as to what kind of things people prefer.


  3. Oh shoot! I missed the deadline to vote, but you're right, it did give some good ideas. Thanks!


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