Monday, October 18, 2010

Mommy Monday

Wake up to an early bird toddler
Let her cuddle in our bed so I can get 5 more minutes of sleep
Enjoy sneaking out of bed for breakfast while she's still asleep
Breakfast is interrupted
Wave goodbye to daddy
Wrangle toddler into brushing teeth and getting dressed
Pharmacy (where I leave my wallet in the car - toddler learns new word)
Sesame Street/Teleconference
Toddler eats an entire bowl of watermelon, animal crackers, and grapes
Look for her hollow leg
Naptime - for both of us
An apple pie and veggie burgers are produced in my kitchen
Toddler wakes up
Convince toddler that putting on clothes and going to a play date will be "lots of fun"
Thank God for play dates and getting out of the house
Come home to daddy!!!!
Toddler watches whale videos on youtube/ I make pizza for dinner
Toddler actually eats pizza for once - 2 slices - check other leg to see if it is hollow
Bath time - immense gigling ensues for mommy and toddler
Bed time - mommy goes awol while daddy reads bed time stories
Mommy mysteriously reappears for cuddle time
night night

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