Friday, October 15, 2010

The Inspiration is Overflowing

I can't really sew during my lunch break (1. I can't lug my sewing machine around and 2. my boss wouldn't be able to hear himself think over the roar of the antique motor). So instead I gaze over my favorite blogs and search for items on Etsy that bring me to the center again. I thought I might share with you the things I love.

Checkout Girl
Melissa Crowe at Checkout Girl recently posted about this fabulous brooch that turned into a wall hanging. There are so many embroidery hoop wall hangings out there that I absolutely adore, but this one caught my eye for being the first felted flower one I've ever seen. You can also find her at her Little Pink House etsy shop

kim e-m
Someone recently sent me an article about this etsy seller. Kim EichlerMessmer at kim e-m hand dyes her fabrics and then quilts with them. This quilt alone makes me want to dive into that art form.

I found Yardwork through JezzePrints. The love and yearning for stamps and design possibilities are brewing in my heart as I get into fabric printing little by little.

Garlands of Grace
I have the hardest time finding cloth head bands that I like. I am itching to purchase one from Garlands of Grace. This one makes me want to embrace a pumpkin and celebrate Fall.
Add this to my Christmas list -seriously - Mom, add this to my list.

Studio Jarrah
Well it wouldn't be a complete day unless I found something cute for my daughter as well. I love all the prints available for children and nurseries now. The color and composition of this one by Studio Jarrah has stayed with me.

Not to mention my daughter asked me this week what whales sound like. We hunted you tube for sound clips. Humpback whales are creepy sounding. Why more people don't make Halloween soundtracks from their calls, I don't know. Beluga whales on the other hand sound like a mix between pigs and a flock of tropical birds. Now we know.

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