Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Crabby Day Part II

After 3 broken needles in one hour I came undone. I went into our tiny half bathroom and cried. I hate to admit this. I hate to admit how much I lost it, but I want to be honest and sometimes that means sharing the uncomfortable, the truth. I cried. I didn't just shed a tear or two and dab it away. I bawled. I let it out. I sat on the toilet in the dark and ranted.

Apparently I was upset over more than a few broken needles. I was mad at God. And I wasn't afraid to tell Him as much. Hey, if He's the God I believe in, He can take it.

I was mad at the great plans my husband and I continue to make for our family that always fall through. I was mad that I didn't know or understand His plan. I still don't. And I'm still not perky and happy about it. But I accept it. Because His ways are greater than my ways. And His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. I believe that and I try to remind myself of that, even when I'm sitting on a toilet seat yelling at Him. I also know He has a sense of humor in all of this. Why else would I end up in the bathroom?

When my husband came home I shared my lovely rendition of the day with him. He corralled the toddler into a coat (not an easy feat) and ushered us all outside for a walk...

Views of the backside of my free motion quilting experience

When I first started the backside had these loose stitches.

But the straw that broke the needle's back (corny I know) was when the tension discs for the top thread grabbed the thread and created these messy knots on the back. (Please note the really nice stitches to the right!! I did something right!) This is a regular occurance even when I straight stitching, but in the free motion quilting aspect it actually broke the needle. I'm taking my machine in for some maintenance. And hopefully I know enough about what I'm doing now to  guide the store employees towards correcting this problem. It's not as simple as adjusting the tension knob, something else is going on. If all else fails I'm going shopping.

And as always any advice is always greatly appreciated!


  1. I just want to throw it out there that I'm glad I know you! Your honesty is wonderful, as is your willingness to go before me into scary things like free motion quilting. ;) I'm trying to decide if it was nice of God to meet you in something you love, quilting, or if it is just one more unfathomable thing us humans don't understand to wait until three broken needles to get to you. I just did my Bible study hw for a Revelation study so I'm going with unfathomable.

    Oh, and if you don't have a good experience where ever you take your machine, I can ask my professional quilter aunt for suggestions - I think she knows every sewing shop in a 100 mile radius.

    (Uh, long comment. Oops.)

  2. Thank you Morgan. Your comment made my uncomfortable honesty worth it. I may never understand why He does what He does, and I need to be okay with that. Now if He would just give me a hint as to His plan for me! =)


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