Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do Lists Ever Get Shorter?

There are so many things I want to sew right now. I'm aching to reconnect with my sewing machine. The last thing I did with it was mending. Poor thing. My poor soul. I need more. Here's a list of things I want to make:

Halloween or at least Fall themed garlands and banners/flags
Shoulder bags - oh I have this gorgeous purple and blue fabrics from the quilt shop that are washed and waiting to be cut and sewn
Table runners - and no, not just because you (Mom) mentioned you wanted some last time I was home
Rainbow placemats
Rainbow baby book
Rainbow quilt
Rainbow purses and shoulder bags
Baby quilt - maybe 2???

Long story on the baby quilt. I bought gender netural fabrics at the quilt shop during their Fat Quarter Friday sales a long time ago in hopes of making a quilt for my 2nd baby. Oh, did I forget to mention I'm pregnant? Surprise! Actually I believe most of my faithful Seamingly Sarah readers already know this tiny little detail based on the fact that you know me in real life and/or are related to me. Gotta love family support! For those of you who have never seen my face, well thanks for reading the occassional sewing rambles of a stranger. I appreciate your faith in me.

Back to the baby quilt story. I go back to the quilt shop for another sale. Decide the previous gender neutral fabric I bought had too many flowers in the print. I decide to purchase all new fabrics - hey, it was a sale people, a sale - and make this for my gender surprise baby. We're not finding out the gender by the way. So now I have enough fabric for two baby blankets. What's a girl to do besides day dream about sewing them?

I forsee a vacation day coming up.

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