Monday, January 10, 2011

After Christmas Sales

Have I mentioned how much I love sales? The only thing I love more than not spending money at all (my mother openly calls me tighter than bark to a tree) is seeing how much I saved during a sale.

So I hit up Target and JoAnn's after Christmas to stock up on supplies for next year's Christmas bags. There will even be Hanukkah bags this time! 

I'll admit I feel like I'm taking a gamble on some of these fabrics, but I couldn't resist them. I do believe the pink, red and green dotted one will be a hit though, so I bought extra yardage of that.

Forgive the low lighting/flash photos. Sometimes the only free time I have is at night. That's my life.

The 2010 Christmas bags are on sale at my Seamingly Sarah shop. Stop by and find out how you can save during the after Christmas sales as well.

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