Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Adventures in Hand Sewing

Of course I couldn't stop after just one craft!
As I made the heart barrette for my daughter and then for the Seamingly Sarah shop I decided to just keep on sewing. I made some heart magnets for the upcoming Valentine's Day. I used some magnets from some broken name badges I had been saving for over a year now. Does that make me a pack rat or a frugal woman?

Then I made three new sea creatures to replace some broken ones from a set I made my daughter (also over a year ago now).

New guys.

Old guys that aren't broken.  

The old set of sea creatures can be found at Purl Bee. I'm not a fan of following directions to a T, so I made mine in different colors and eye balled the shapes. Just be forewarned: make sure the felt sea creature is big enough for the magnet! And expect the Jellyfish to break first. Their dangly legs are prone to tugging and my toddler is none too gentle!

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