Monday, January 31, 2011

Mommy Monday

So this is what a sleeping toddler looks like.

 As a side note I've really enjoyed reading Under the Sycamore. Ashley not only shows glimpses into an inspirational world, but she also has great tips for photography, even for us point and shoot users. She wrote a tutorial for Lil Blue Boo and I used tip # 6 for the photo below. When I focused on Whirlwind's face versus the snowy background I got two very different pictures. Take a look and learn something new!


  1. What a sweet picture! I have learned a lot from Ashley on photography both for my DSLR and P&S! I actually went to high school with her! Maybe I can learn something about sewing from you because I just hand stitch EVERYTHING!

  2. There's a great deal we can all learn from each other. I need to beef up my hand sewing skills and I'm learning from my mistakes on the sewing machine everyday


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