Thursday, January 27, 2011

Adventures in Printing

I've been collecting interesting shapes from nature lately. Every time I go outside in the farm fields across from my house my eyes are searching for unique shapes that I think might translate into printing. I'm brand new to printing on fabric, so every time I try my hand at it is an experience and an experiment. I was using water soluble ink for block printing, but I couldn't get it to stop bleeding or fading after heat setting. Plus the heat setting was tedious. Perhaps I'll learn more in that arena later on.

So I tried some basic fabric paint that does not require heat setting. It's thicker, but I still like it. Hey, I printed our Christmas cards with finger paints! I'm not picky.

Well I took this scrap fabric and tried some printing with some dried flowers I had on hand.
You may have seen the one on the right before. I used them for our Christmas cards. 

But the ones of the left are new. I love how it looks like a cross from fireworks and stars. 

I also love how each one comes of different. Sometimes I want to create blocks for stamps so I can create uniform designs, but there is something about how organic and original the print is when it comes to using the original material. It goes against my perfectionist nature, but I'm going with the flow. Or at least trying to!

Now what to do with this fabric? I chose a color I didn't really like in case it was a disaster. But it wasn't. So now what? Any ideas?


  1. Would make a gorgeous pillow cover, or use it as a backgound cover for a plain bulletin board

  2. ooooo...good idea! I like the possibility of pillows. I kept looking at them trying to figure out how to make a bag or a purse, but I got stuck there and couldn't think outside the box.


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