Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Printing with Finger Paints!

Do you remember the dried flowers I found during a family walk this fall?

Well I finally made a date with them to do a little printing!

Does it count that this date was a double date with my daugther and her finger paints? I cut up some brown paper bags for her to paint on and I decided I had waited procrastinated long enough. I jumped up and cut off a few blooms from the stems and stamped away with the flowers and finger paint on my own piece of paper. I loved it. The photo above shows you the detail that came out in some of the stamping. The photos below show you the overall effect.

And then guess what I decided to do for Christmas cards this year?
I guess I just hadn't had enough yet.

And this time my handsome husband even joined in the fun. His prints came out even better than mine. I'm blaming it on the flowers I chose to print with. But we're both going to blame give credit for the blurred prints to our daughter (who was asleep at the time of this activity). Shhhhhh....don't tell anyone.


  1. These did turn out well! The variation from print to print is lovely.

  2. They did, didn't they! Thanks for stopping by to take a look. =)


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