Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Aftermath of Thanksgiving

Who else would go visit family for Thanksgiving and come back with more sewing supplies? I love raiding my mother's house. Love you mom.

Multi colored zippers. Love it.

Technically these were given to me by my sister. I'm like the save-a-stray for unwanted fabric.

Many moons ago my mother attempted to clean out her stash of fabric. Thankfully I was there and saved many scraps and yards of fabric from being discarded into the unloved pile. Unfortunately I still have limited storage space at my own house, so a bin of fabric still resides at my mother's house. Ultimately she didn't really accomplish the whole declutter mission, but at each visit I select a few lovelies to come home with me. Who doesn't need more white....and black....and blue....and red stripes....and gray....? I ask you, who?

And buttons. Need I say more? I'm in love.


  1. You're welcome for the fabrics. Make something pretty!

  2. Zippers? Who said anything about zippers? And buttons!? I'd better count the silverware! =)

  3. I love you to pieces! Keep decluttering my house please and let your wild creative side fly!


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