Thursday, December 9, 2010

Purse Rainbow

The rainbow blocks rear their crazy heads again!

I had created each of these blocks when my scrap pile started to dwindle and I needed to use up the very tiny pieces left. I ended up making one in each color and was going to make either a quilt or a set of placemats from these. Then I laid them all out and saw that the blue block's diagonal stripe went the wrong way. Ugh! I BRIEFLY contemplated tearing out the stitches and fixing it. Then I threw the whole pile back in my overflowing bin and closed the lid (or at least tried to close the lid).

A little while later I saw one of the blocks folded in half and it looked like the perfect purse. Yeah! Problem solved and now back tracking on my sewing. So I got some zippers and interfacing and finally faced my fears of purses and interfacing. I learned a few things and still NEED to learn more. But here they are and if I do say so myself, they look pretty darn cute!

I hope to have these in the Seamingly Sarah shop as soon as I find a minute to photograph them during daylight hours (rare in the winter). Stay tuned...


  1. Oh those are really cute! Great job!

  2. This is really genius, as a sales tactic, because if I saw those in a store I would need the whole rainbow. Pulling out one would really not do the rainbow justice!

  3. Excellent idea Morgan! Want to be my manager? =)


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