Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Garland Complete

I was pacing around one morning before work. My daughter was lollygagging around while eating her breakfast and I had nothing to do while I waited for her to finish. Trying to apease my cranky listless self I sat down and turned these little paper discs into a garland!
I hung it up over her "little table" and then got both her and I ready to leave the house. It was quick and satisfying. Now if only I could say it kept me from losing my temper that morning.

I do think it is cute, but I'd like to try making one with more solid and vibrant colors. The details in the old Christmas cards get a little lost when they're all cut up.


  1. That's cute! Lucky Charlotte having it by her table. :) I made one this year by taking scraps of Christmas colored fabric and fusing them onto both sides of fusible web. Then I cut out shapes and did what you did. Equally pleasing.

  2. What a great idea! I made a fabric garland once with cloverleaf shapes on it and they just flopped over in the middle where I sewed them. Next time I'll have to try the fusible web so I can do more fun shapes than triangles and rectanbles.


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