Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tree Quilt

Isn't it just gorgeous!

I have fallen in love with making this quilt. I had more fun making it than I can remember while making other recent quilts. It's a lap sized quilt (I hate going beyond 44" wide!) and I think the most fun was the quilting part. It's just pinned in this picture, but I ended up outlining the whole tree and then adding branches amongst the leaves to quilt it.

I've practiced free motion quilting a bit since I got my sewing machine back from the maintenance shop, but it still isn't working out. I even used the tips they gave me at the shop, but to no avail. Perhaps my work horse of a sewing machine just isn't meant for free motion quilting. But I was able to get away from "stitching in the ditch" with this quilt. And that felt gratifying.

The binding has been sewed on the front. All that is left now is some handsewing for the back of the binding. I can't wait to gift this to the wonderful couple it's meant for. I know it makes me smile just looking at it. I hope they feel the same way.

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  1. Can you make snowflakes? Cut them out and sew them on?


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