Thursday, December 23, 2010

Done, done and done!

 I finished the binding on the tree quilt in just two nights!
That is a record for me, especially with a lap sized quilt.

And once I got the tree quilt done and out of the way I felt like a busy and productive little elf.

I made these little characters for my daughter with some empty food coloring bottles, felt and glue.
They'll sneak their way into her stocking!

I finally fixed the gdiapers I'll need for the baby in my belly...

And even dyed the clothes with heinous spit up stains on them for the new baby.

I'm pretty darn impressed with myself. If you want to pat me on the back I won't mind. =)


  1. my, my, my! You are productive! Must be that nesting instinct kicking in! ;)

  2. Ah yes, nesting. That must be it. That explains the intense urge to redecorate the kids' room and put in shelving and closet storage. I can't stop thinking about it! Plus I have grandiose dreams to make a baby quilt and handmade plush toys....stop me...I feel tired.


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