Friday, December 10, 2010

Leaves and Pins

Remember how I told you the christmas tree and sewing machine are sharing space still? Well it's because of this little beauty. Which will hopefully look like a tree in fall foliage when I'm done.

I'm excited to be creating something so beautiful and yet the tension in my neck and shoulders would tell you otherwise. I've sewed many leaves on already and have many more to go.

Speaking of all those leaves I have officially used every pin I use, including these oldies, but goodies. My handsome husband saw these and said "Dear Lord Sarah, how old are these?"

I laughed because I knew he was more shocked that I've kept them all this time more than he was shocked by their actual age. If something goes missing in our house it is the basic assumption that I threw it away. I'm a minimalist, a declutterer, a putter away of things, a ruthless tosser of cherished childhood memories and objects. But these pins have been tucked away inside my sewing box since I was a teenager. My paternal grandmother gave me a birthday gift of a sewing box filled with odds and ends I would need. These pins were included. I don't know why, but I just never got rid of them. And today I'm glad that I did not.

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